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Laura was born in 1983, her hometown being a small town on the north shore of Lake Superior in Canada. She currently resides with her husband, dog, cat and chickens in Alabama.

Primarily a self-taught artist, Laura has a strong inclination to creatures of any sort, and has a particular love of monsters and mythological beasties. She's had her artwork published in several issues of Fang, Claw and Steel, a small press fanzine dedicated to non-typical portrayals of werewolves and other werecreatures. She's also done artwork for The End is Nigh, a zine based in the UK. Her first solo animated short, Give A Dog A Bone has appeared on BiteTV.

Laura has a certificate in Tradigital Animation, with a preference for traditional animation. Outside of animation, she has an interest in comics, has dabbled with writing, and has been doing what creature costuming she can manage with whatever materials she can get. She had had a handful of t-shirt designs printed by several companies.

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